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11th Annual Alumni Homecoming 

"Building for Excellence, Building for Service, 
Building for Eternity" 

March 23 - 26, 1978 


Oakwood College 
Huntsville, Alabama 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2013 





'Building for Excellence, Building for Service, Building for Eternity" 


As president of The National Chapter 
of the Oakwood College Alumni 
Association, I would like to express the 
sincere good wishes of the national chapter 
officers, local chapter officers, the 
Oakwood College community and to all of 
you who are present as representatives of 
many churches and cities across America. 

It is my hope that the deliberations and 
activities of these three days will presage 
the dawn of a bright new day in the history 
of our commitment and support for 
Oakwood College and its Alumni Associa- 
tion. Welcome to Homecoming "78". 

L. A. Paschal, President 
National Alumni Association 

If They Could Only See Us Now 

They had names like Mary, Frances, 
Samuel, Etta and Frank and they came from 
places like Alabama, Mississippi and 
Kentucky. They cooked on pot-bellied 
stoves and bathed in huge round tubs. They 
rode horse-drawn buggies and split logs 
with axes. They plowed behind mules, lit oil 
lamps and pumped handles of wells to get 
the water they carried in large pails. My, if 
they could only see us now! If they could only 
see our library, our natatorium, our church. 
If they could only see our cars and clothes. 
If they could know that eighty-two years 
later we have grown from 16 students to 
1340 with an alumni numbering several 
thousand and thousands more whom we 
claim by adoption. If they could only see that 
the original acreage has grown from 360 to 
1 144 and that Oakwood has become the 
hub of Black adventist culture, I believe 
they would be happy and proud to have been 
the wellspring of what has grown to be a 
mighty ocean of learning, of fellowship and 
of progress. I believe that if they could see 
us now, they would be thrilled, inspired and 
grateful. So on their behalf and in apprecia- 
tion of their ministry and the services of all 
their descendants, the cumulative effects 
of whose living we see in today's joys, I say 
WELCOME! I say thanks — and I only wish 
they could see us now! 

C. B. Rock 

It's good to have you once again to partici- 
pate in the fellowship and the work of the 
Oakwood College Alumni Association. This has 
been a decisive year for the College; involving 
continued enrollment increases, the opening of 
the new church, and the formulation of 
extensive plans for campus expansion and 

While you are here this weekend enjoying 
the camaraderie of old friends and feasting on 
the renewed sights and sounds of our beloved 
Alma Mater, think also of the importance of 
your individual participation in the activities of 
the Association. Now, like never before, 
Oakwood needs the full commitment and 
support of the total Alumni constituency. 
Together, we can make a difference. 

Thanks for your service in the past and let's 
look forward to greater impact in the future. 

R. Timothy McDonald 
Director of Development 

A Message of Welcome 

"Glad to know you". .."Happy to have you with 
us". .."Welcome to Oakwood College". ..These 
familiar words of greeting convey my pleasure 
in having you join us in the eleventh annual 
celebration of the Oakwood College National 
Alumni Homcoming Weekend. The Coordinating 
Advisory Council and I, along with our experi- 
enced and efficient planning staff of several 
standard and sub committees realize that the 
success of this Weekend depends upon you — 
the lifeblood of the Association. 

In keeping with our commitment to extend 
exquisite, courteous, and hospitable service to 
each of you, many of the suggestions you 
passed on to us have been implemented, as we 
have confidence in your ability to know what it 
is you want for your Homecoming celebration. 
You have our vote of sincere thanks in exchange 
for your helpful efforts, constructive criticisms, 
creative suggestions, and continued loyalty to 
this Homecoming event. 

We trust that this Weekend will be all that 
you hoped it would be and that it will be a unique 
experience which you will long remember. 
Together let us strive to exemplify our theme. 
May this spirit of Christian fellowship be ours 
to enjoy until Christ comes. 

Ola Dawson 

1978 Homecoming Weekend Coordinator 



Eric Calvin Ward, Pastor 

Oak wood College Church of Seventh-day Adventist 
Huntsville, Alabama 

To the Alumni of Oakwood College far and near, 
Who came these hallowed hours with us to share, 

We welcome you with open arms, 
And smiles of sincere cheer. 

Your presence brings us warmth. 

Your memories, stir our hearts. 
Your hand shake it is true, 

Means loyalty, friendship, and much love too. 

So in this eight-second alumni year, 
Signs all about us make it firm, and clear, 

That of our blessed Lord, so very dear, 
His glorious coming tis' near. 

Thus to this campus, and with this hope, 
We welcome you, our friends of note. 

And trust, that when such gatherings 
as this shall end, 

We'll meet you way up "there", 
As our alumni, students, and friends of cheer. 

Dear Alumni: 

— by birth or adoption, we welcome you as 
a part of the body of Christ. You are special 
to the Oakwood College Church as a 
portion of His family. We are glad for the 
Oakwood College sanctuary which stands 
as a "house of prayer for all people". We 
pray it will serve as your beacon to 
reverence and worship of our soon coming 

R. E. Tottress, Co-Pastor 
Oakwood College Church 

National Alumni Executive Officers 

L. A. Paschal 

Minneola Williams 
Vice President 

June Jacobs 



Frank Davis 
Asst. Treasurer 

E. E. Rogers 

Ola Dawson 
Alumni Weekend 

Hattie Mims 



James Hicks 

Ruth Stafford 
Past President 

Richard Norman 

A. Samuel Rashford 

J. E. Roache 
Alumni Affairs 

Regional Vice Presidents 

Allegheny East 

John Smith 


Connie S. Mayfield 

Central States 

Monroe Burgess 
Hector Mouzon, Assoc. 


Edna Lett Williamson 

Northern California 

David Taylor 

Southern California 

Finster Paul 

South Atlantic 

Joseph Hinson 

South Central 

Vernon Jenkins 

Southwest Region 

W. C. Jones 

Local Chapter Presidents 

Mrs. Katie Settle 

Mr. George Hall 

Mr. Leon James 


Mrs. Timetta Wilson 

Mrs. Gayle Kimmell 

Kansas City 
Elder Monroe Burgess 

Mr. Leroy Anderson, Jr. 

Los Angeles Area 
Mr. Frank Stone 

Mrs. Susie Shurney 

Oklahoma City 
Mrs. Versia McGlory 

Mrs. Ruth Stokes 

Pine Forge 

Mr. Earl Calloway 


Mr. Sherman Brown 

Ms. Jacqueline Sims 

Mrs. Susie Cole Adderly 

Mr. Conrad Gill 

Mrs. Angela Wilson 

Ms. Ruth H. McBryde 

San Diego 
Mrs. Ruth Jones 

Mr. Frank Hale, III 

Elder James Hicks 

Mrs. Tracy Jacobs 

Mr. Herman J. Barlow 

Long Island 
Elder Willie S. Lee, Jr. 

Ms. Regina Sellers 

Dr. Alex Swan 

New Haven 
Dr. Jesse M. Bradley 

New Orleans 
Mrs. Christine Herbert 

Mrs. Delores Rox 

St. Louis 
Elder E. F. Carter 

Washington, D. C. 
Mrs. Myrtle Murphy 

Ms. Mary Pellman, Sec. 


Mrs. Thomasine Wright 

New York 
Mr. A. Samuel Rashford 

I. A. Christian, Treasurer 

Homecoming Committee Chairpersons 

Coordinating Council — Ola Dawson Chairperson, Joseph Rhyne, Timothy McDonald, Linda Webb, E. C. Ward 

Promotion & Public Relations Smorgasbord Divine Worship 

Linda Webb Vernon Jenkins L. A. Paschal 

Scholarship Honors Medical 

L. B. Hampton Ruth Stafford Donald Bedney 

Hospitality/Receptionists Thursday Night Program Presidents' Breakfast 

Frances Bliss/Ruth Dupre James Melancon Sarah Richardson 

Fellowship Supper Ushers Souvenir Program 

Geraldine Ogburn Oliver Davis/G. Ogburn Hattie Mims 

Daytime Recreation Friday Night Vespers Afternoon Program 

Xavier Butler J. T. Stafford Jessie G. Bradley/Joseph Rhyne 

Saturday Night Program Sabbath School Registration 

Timothy McDonald George Earle J. L. Moran Chapter 

Joseph Rhyne 

Saturday Night Vespers Secretarial Services Membership 

C. D. Henri Mary Connor R. S. Norman 

Social Affairs Decorations 

Karen Simmons Carole Webb 

Office Secretaries 

Brenda Hurt Brenda Hamilton 

Janie Satchell Sherrel Downs 

Linda Mims Karen Coleman 

Janet Rugless 

Donna, Sherrel, Pamela, Nora and 
many other students. 


Blake Center 

Thursday, March 23, 197S 
12:00 Noon - 9:00 p.m. 


Friday, March 24, 1978 
8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. 

The J. L. Moran Chapter 
Susie Shurney - Coordinator 

College Switchboard 33^- ' 633 

National Alumni Office . . Ext 3 ' ~ 

Coordinator - Ola Dawson E\: 34 1 


Daytime Recreations 

X. Butler Chairperson 

Golf Tournament 

L. Ross Coordinator 

Jetport Golf Course 1Q : a.m., Friday, March 24 

(Highway 20 West) anc j 

7 a.m., Sunday, March 26 
Entrance Fee $12.00 

Space & Rocket Center Tours 

E. Wright Coordinator 

Depart -11 a.m., Friday, March 24 
10:30 a.m., Sunday, March 26 

Tennis Tournament 

W. McKenzie 


Oakwood College 

1 p.m., Friday, March 24 


8 a.m., Sunday, March 26 


$6.00 per participant 


$3.00 per participant 


X. Butler 


iby Gymnatorium 

1 1 .00 - 2:00, Friday, March 24 

1000 Acre Tour 

J. Dykes Coordinator 

Ashby Gymnatorium Depart - 10 a.m., Sunday, March 26 


Kick-Off Program 

Thursday Evening 

March 23, 1978 

Ashby Gymnatorium 

J. Melancon, Coordinator 

Assts. — W. Posey, J. Mack 
and V. Norman 

A Multi-Media Presentation 

"Life At The Oaks: 1930-1978" 

Vesper Service 

Friday, March 24, 1978, 5:30 p.m. 
Oakwood College Church 

Song Service 1 958, K. Leon Johnson 

Opening Song "City of Light", 1 938, Walter Kissack 

Opening Prayer 1 958, Lawrence Jacobs, Jr. 

Scripture 1 968, Donald Monroe 

Welcome 1 968, Bettye Nichols 

Welcome Lee A. Paschal, President 

Oakwood National Alumni Association 

Greetings Ola Dawson, Coordinator 

Alumni Weekend 

Announcements 1 948, Frances Bliss 

Introduction of Speaker 1 948, J. T. Stafford -/- 

Special Music 1 948, Lester Valentine 

Benediction 1 928, Harold Kibble 

Pianist: 1948, Velma Beeman Organist: Marcellus Breach 

/"Program Chairperson 

Fellowship Supper 

Geraldine Ogburn, Chairperson 

Blake Center Cafeteria 

Friday, March 24, 1978, 7:30 p.m. 

(Immediately Following Vespers) 


Enchiladas and Spanish Rice 
Cole Slaw 





Sabbath School 

Sabbath, March 25, 1978, 9:15 a.m. 
Von Braun Civic Center 

Song Service 1 978, Yvonne Parker 

Opening Song 1 978, Patricia Smith 

Scripture 1 978, Sylvia Harrison 

Prayer 1 938, Harold Singleton 

Introduction Co-Superintendent 1 978, Thompson Kay 

Class President 

Music 1 978, Cornelius Stewart 

Acknowledgements 1 948, George Earle 

Program Chairperson 

Welcome 1 978, Jeanetta Ramey 

Minutes 1 978, Gnselda Byers 

Mission Report 1 978, Linwood Stone 

Music 1 978, Freda Wallace 

Offertory Xavier Butler 

Lesson Study 1 978 Class 

Gilbert Anderson, Coordinator 

"The Creator and the Restoration" 

Sunday ("Sojourn in Heaven"] Tyrone Boyd 

Monday ("The First & Second Deaths") John Trusty 

Tuesday ("The Earth Purified") Preston Foster 

Wednesday ("A New Creation") Earl Hubbard 

Thursday ("Jesus With His People") Francis Toyloy 

Friday ("Eternal Perfection") Gilbert Anderson 

Music 1 978, Marcia Jones 

Remarks Thompson Kay 

Closing Prayer 1 978, Dwayne Williams 

Pianist: Francis Blake Organist: Arnold Dean 


Divine Worship 

Saturday, March 25, 1978, 10:45 A.M. 

L. A. Paschal, Chairperson 

Won Braun Civic Center 

Invocation 1 968, B. P. Browne 

Pastor, Lake Region Conference 

Music First Church Young Adult Choir, Huntsville 

Director, Cleveland Wilson 

Welcome and Special Announcements L. A. Paschal 

President National Association & 
Program Chairperson 

Eric C. Ward 
Pastor, Oakwood College Church 

Joe Davis, Mayor of Huntsville 

1938, C. D. Henri 
Chairman, Oakwood College Board 

Calvin B. Rock 
President of Oakwood College 

1928, Mrs. Thelma Winston-Kibble 

Acknowledgements L. A. Paschal 

Ola Dawson 
Coordinator, Alumni Weekend 

Hymn of Worship (They Come From the East and West #453] R. E. Tottress 

Assoc. Pastor, Oakwood College Church 

Scripture James C. Hicks 

Chaplain, National Alumni Association 

Prayer 1 948, G. R. Earle 

President, Northeastern Conference 

Offertory LA. Paschal 

Music First Church Young Adult Choir, Huntsville 

Introduction of Speaker 1 938, A. R. Carethers 

Pastor, Southwest Region Conference 

Music Michelle Cleveland 

Columbus, Ohio 

Sermon 1 938, W. J. Cleveland 

Pastor, Ephesus Church, Birmingham, Alabama 

Music The Lawhome Sisters 

Bethany Church, Miami, Florida 

Closing Hymn 1 948, Frances Bliss 

Benediction D. B. Reid 

Pastor, First Church, Huntsville 

Pianist: Antoinette Wilson Organist: Ted Breach 

Director: Mr. S. Mrs. Cleveland T. Wilson 


National Alumni Association Honors Program 

Oakwood College Church Sanctuary 

Sabbath, March 25, 1978 

4:00 p.m. 

Part I 

Organ Prelude 1 968, Gerald Penick 


Invocation Adell Warren 

College, Business Manager 

Greetings 1 948, Jessie G. Bradley 

Program Chairperson 

Recognition of the 8's Ola Dawson 

Introduction of 1 978 Honors Committee Ruth Stafford 

Committee Chairperson 

Presentation of Certificates Minneola Williams, W. C. Jones, Frank Davis, 

Edna Lett Williamson, Connie Mayfield Strong 

T. T. Frazier, Posthumously Celia Frazier 

South Central Regional Vice President 

Allegheny East 1 938, W. A. Thompson 

Allegheny West 1 938, Sarah Lester 

Central States 1 959, Sherman Cox 

Lake Region 1 959, Conrad Gill 

Northeastern 1 968, Eardell Rashford 

Pacific Union 1 949, Angela Wilson 

Musical Salute The Singing Men 

South Atlantic J. Mark Cox 

South Central 1 938, C. T. Richards 

Southwest 1 938, A. R. Carethers 

Presentation of Honorees Lee Paschal 

Musical Salute to Parents Edwina Humphrey 

Parents of the Year Edward and Margaret Humphrey 

Musical Salute to a Distinguished Lady Edrene Malcolm 

Alumna of the Year 1 g54, Eunice J. Winston 

Musical Salute to a Distinguished Gentleman C. Dunbar Henri. II 

Alumnus of the Year .1 g3a. C, Dunbar Henri 

Music Congregation 

"A City of Light", 1938, Kissack 

Part II 

Joseph Rhyne — Program Chairperson 

The Thousands Calvin Rock and Joseph Rhyne 

The Five Hundreds Jessie Bradley 

The Two Hundreds Vernon Jenkins 

The Hundreds E.E. Cleveland 

The Fifties L ee Paschal 

The Rest James White 

The Grand Total AS Ras-oa— 

Musicians Features Brian Jones and the Lawhane S 


Sabbath Evening Vespers 

Saturday, March 25, 1978, 5:30 P.M. 
Oakwood College Sanctuary 

Opening Song and Scripture 1 938 

Prayer 1928 


Introduction of Speakers 

Special Music 1 978 

Speakers 1948 


Special Music 1 978 

Final Speaker 1 948 

Ending Song (Day is Dying) 

Closing Prayer 


Advice H. Graham 

H. D. Singleton 

Mervyn Warner 
Dean of the College 

C. D.Henri 
Program Chairperson 

J. P. Willis, Jr. 

Jessie G. Bradley 
Eardell Rashford 

William Earl Dykes 

Ruth D. Wheeler 

L A. Paschal 
President, National Alumni Association 

W. A. Thompson 

Executive Secretary 

Columbia Union Conference 

Ola Dawson 
Coordinator, '78 


Eleventh Annual Banquet for Oakwood Alumni 

Saturday Night - March 26, 1978 
8:00 - 9:30 p.m. 

Remarks R. T. McDonald 

Saturday Night Programs 

Welcome Vernon Jenkins 

Banquet Coordinator 

Blessing LA. Paschal 

Alumni President 

Presentation of Instrumentalist J. A. Rhyne 

Saturday Night Programs 

Closing Prayer. 

■"- •::■ Delightful Music While You Dine -"- •»- 







Italian Meatballs 

Chicken Croquette 

Won Ton 


Cake Cubes 

Apple Chunks 

Assorted Cheeses 

Bread and Crackers 


C. B. Rock 

College President 


Oakwood College Sanctuary 
9:45 -11:15 

All Registered Guests Free 

Master of Ceremony Victor Brooks 


Stanley Ware Wintley Phipps 

C. B. Tivy Diane Medley 

L. B. Hampton Singers Ronald Murphy 

David Hudson Edward Jackson 

Michelle Cleveland Lawhorne Sisters 

Thomas Murphy Singers Earl Calloway 

Walter Arties Blend Wright Trio 

Ernest Keller Brown - Gresham 

Bryan Jones Edwina Humphrey 


8:00 p.m. 

Butler Senior High School 

3401 Holmes Avenue N.W. 

IMetburners vs. Columbus Warriors 

All Registered Guests Free 

Others -$1.00 

Joseph A., Rhyne, 



8:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. 

Moran Hall 

All Registered Guests Free 

Others -$1.00 

Children under 12, $.50 

O.C. Students with I.D. Cards Free 

Charles Miller, Jr., 


About Our Speakers 

Edwin J. Humphrey 

Elder Edwin J. Humphrey was born in 
Detroit, Michigan. He graduated from 
Oakwood College in 1948 with a degree in 

He began his ministerial work in 1948 
in the South Central Conference, interning 
in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Elder 
Humphrey has pastored churches in 
Mississippi, Tennessee, Florida, Alabama, 
and New York. He has served as boys 
counselor at the Whetchler Junior High 
School in Meridian, Mississippi. 

Elder Humphrey is married to the 
former Margaret Daniels and is the father 
of five children. 

William James Cleveland 

Elder William James Cleveland was 
born in Chattanooga, Tennessee, the 
oldest son of William and Eunice Cleveland. 
He graduated from Oakwood College in 
1 938, and was awarded the honorary LLD 
from Union Baptist Seminary. 

His pastonal responsibilities included 
the following churches: Paducah and 
Lexington, Kentucky; Seattle. Washington; 
Dallas and San Antonio, Texas; Shreveport, 
Baton Rouge and New Orleans, Louisiana; 
and Birmingham, Alabama. He served as 
president of the Southwest Region 
Conference from 1969 to 1976. 

He is married to the former Rita 
Thompson. To this union were born William, 
Jr., Celia Mane, Paul Richard and Cynthia 
Elaine, all graduates of Oakwood College 
Academy. Three are graduates of Oakwood 
College and the youngest is a senior (class 
of 781 


Ruth E. Wheeler 

Mrs. Ruth E. Wheeler graduated from 
Oakwood Adacemy and Oakwood College with a 
B.A. in English. She received her graduate 
degree from the University of the District of 
Columbia, formerly D. C. Teachers College. 

She has worked as a typist and editorial 
assistant at the Pentagon, Seventh-day 
Adventist Church school teacher, and is 
presently employed as a teacher for the D. C. 
public school system. 

Jessie Godley Bradley 

Dr. Jessie Godley Bradley received her 
Bachelor's Degrees from Oakwood College 
[1948] and from Southern Connecticut State 
College where she also earned the Masters 
Degree, the Sixth Year Professional Diploma 
and her Doctor of Philosophy degree were 
received from the University of Connecticut. 
She has received fellowships for the study of 
economics, education of the handicapped, the 
disadvantaged, and socialist education. She 
holds Connecticut Certification for the 
Superintendent of Schools, Elementary 
Principal, Intermediate Supervisor and 
Administrator, and Teacher (kindergarten 

Dr. Bradley presently serves on the Board 
of Directors of the Southern Connecticut 
Chapter of the American Red Cross, The 
National Council of Administrative Women in 
Education, the Arts Council of Greater New 
Haven, the Rehabilitation Center, Volunteer 
Clearing House of Greater New Haven, and the 
Sickle Cell Board of Advisors. 

In 1973 she was appointed Director of 
Elementary Schools and in July 1977, Dr. 
Bradley was appointed as an Assistant 
Superintendent of Schools. 

She holds membership in a number of 
professional and civic organizations including: 
Phi Delta Kappa-National Fraternity for 
Research, Service and Leadership, Pi Lambda 
Theta-National Honor and Professional 
Association in Education, American 
Association of School Administrators, 
American Association of University Women, 
National Council of Administrative Women in 
Education, American Temperance Society, The 
Creative Network of Women Administrators in 
New England, etc. 

Dr. Bradley and her husbnd, William 0. 
Bradley reside in New Haven, Connecticut, with 
their seventeen year old son, Edwin. 

Eardell Jenner Rashford 

Eardell Jenner Rashford was born on July 
31,1 946 in New York City. She was graduated 
from Oakwood College in 1 968 with a Bachelor 
of Arts degree in history, and from Howard 
University School of Law in 1 971 with the Juris 
Doctor degree. 

In law school Miss Rashford was on the 
Freshman Orientation Committee, the Law 
Week Committee, member of Kappa Beta Phi, 
and international legal sorority, and member of 
the Washington D.C. Food Stamp Adivsory 

From 1 971 to 1 972 she was employed as 
Law Clerk for the Civil Branch of the New York 
City Legal Aid Society. She is presently 
employed as a Senior Consumer Specialist for 
the New York City Department of Consumer 

Miss Rashford has been a member of the 
R. T. Hudson Elementary School Board, as well 
as member of the Board of Directors for the 
Upper Park Avenue Corporation. Currently she 
is a member of the New York Chapter of the 
Oakwood College Alumni Associatin and a 
member and treasurer of the New York 
Chapter of the Black Women Lawyers' 

Her awards include a citation for "services 
and accomplishment in the field of consumer 
protection" in 1970-1971, and for 
"outstanding community sevice" from the 
Ephesus Church of Seventh-day Adventists in 


Our 1978 Honorees 

Parents of the Year 

Elder and Mrs. E. J. Humphrey 

Elder Edwin J. Humphrey, Sr. and Mrs. Margaret Daniels Humphrey are natives of Detroit, 
Michigan and St. Augustine, Florida, respectively. Both are graduates of Oakwood College in the field 
of Religion. 

This couple has been blessed with the following children: 

Edwina Jeanette is a student at Juillard School of Music, and is pursuing her Master of Arts 
degree. She is a graduate of Oakwood College. 

Edwin James, Jr. is a teacher at Ramah Elementary School in Savannah, Georgia. He is a 
graduate of Oakwood College with a major in Elementary Education. He is married and the father of 
twins - a girl and a boy. 

Virgil Alexander is a teacher at the Bethel Elementary School in Brooklyn, New York. He is an 
Oakwood College graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Religion. He is married and will be a 
father in May or June. 

Louis Carl is nursing at the New York Veterans Administration Hospital at St. Albans, New 
York. He is a graduate of Oakwood College Academy, and pursued the Nursing course at Oakwood 

Calvin Lee was graduated from Northeastern Academy, and is a freshman student at 
Oakwood College, pursuing the Nurses' course. 

Elder Humphrey is at present pastor of the Ephesus Seventh-day Adventist church in New York 
City. Mrs. Humphrey serves as Secretary to the Treasurer of Northeastern Conference in New 
York City. 

Both of the Humphreys are faithful and loyal members of the New York Chapter of Oakwood 
College Alumni Association and are strong supporters of the College. 


Alumna of the Year 

Eunice E. Winston 

Mrs. Eunice E. Winston was born in Blyth, California. At the age of 14 she became a baptized 
member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Mrs. Winston is a graduate of the Oakwood Academy. 
She received a B.S. degree in Business Administration from Oakwood College. She is a graduate of the 
California Western University Law School with a Juris Doctor Degree. 

Mrs. Winston is the treasurer for the City of San Diego, California, and has held that post since 
July 1, 1976. 

Some of the duties and responsibilities of the City Treasurer are as follows: 

Administers the Cith's business license ordinances; 

Studies the securities market and makes appropriate investments of surplus city funds; 

Issues and maintains improvement bonds; 

Administers the City's Deferred Compensation Plan; 

Supervises collections efforts for claims held by the City. 

Prior to this appointment, Mrs. Winston was Administrator for the City of San Diego Model 
Cities Program. Her professional career has also included the following: 

Deputy Model Cities Director 

Accountant for City Auditor and Comptroller 

Legal Accountant 

Mrs. Winston is married to Mr. Arnold Winston, who is Assistant Vice-President and Manager of 
California First Bank, in San Diego. They have a daughter, Angela, age 1 5, who is a student at the San 
Diego Academy. 


Alumnus of the Year 

Coleridge Dunbar Henri 

Elder Coleridge Dunbar Henri, General Vice President of the General Conference of Seventh-day 
Adventist and Chairman of the Oakwood College Board was born in Clarendon, Arkansas on July 7, 
1912. He graduated from Oakwood Junior College in 1938 and received the Th.B. degree from 
Atlantic Union College, South Lancaster, Massachusetts in 1941. In 1965 he received his M.A. 
degree from Andrews University, Berrien Springs, Michigan. 

Elder Henri was ordained to the gospel ministry in 1 945 after having pastored in the Lake Region 
Conference since 1 941 . He was pastorand district leaderin the Liberian Mission in West Africa from 
1 945 to 1 947. From 1 948 to 1 951 he was evangelist of the Liberian Mission and principal of the 
Konola Academy in that region. He served as secretary of the Ministerial Association and evangelist 
of the West African Union Mission at Accra, Ghana, from 1 955 to 1 957. He then became editor of 
the "West African Advent Messenger", and served in that capacity, in addition to his other duties, 
from 1957 to 1964. From 1965 to 1966 he pastored in Orlando, Florida, and then served as 
secretary of the Educational and Youth Departments in South Atlantic Conference from 1966 to 
1967. After another stint at pastoring in the South Atlantic Conference from 1967 to 1970, he 
became president of the East African Union at Nairobi, East Africa, in which capacity he seved from 
1970 to 1973 before being elected to the General Vice Presidency of the General Conference, a 
position which he presently holds. 

It is interesting to note that Elder Henri was knightd by His Excellency Dr. William V. S. Tubman as 
Knight Commander of the Liberian Order of Human Redemption. 

Elder Henri was married to Lorraine Delores Davis of Saint Louis, Missouri in 1 943, and to this 
union were born Burdetta Leona, Patricia Elaine and Coleridge Dunbar, It. 


Certificates of Merit 

W. A. Thompson 

Elder William Albert Thompson was born in Tampa, Florida; however, his family moved to the southern 
area of New Jersey when he was quite young. 

He had planned to further his education, after completing high school, by entering a pre-medical course on 
a scholarship grant. After reading of the religious discipline offered at Oakwood Jr. College, he decided that he 
would study for a half year at Oakwood before going on to a State University. 

One week at Oakwood changed the course of his life and he remained at Oakwood, without a scholarship, 
and worked his way through college. 

While at this Christian school, he received a definite call from God to enter the Gospel Ministry. After 
graduation, he served as a ministerial apprentice under Elder H. W. Kibble, Sr. in the northern part of the New 
Jersey Conference. 

His pastoral responsibilities included churches in Charleston and Huntington, West Virginia; Camden, 
Bridgeton, Jericho, Atlantic City and Whitesboro, New Jersey; Washington, D.C.; Philadelphia, Pa.; Baltimore, 
and Annapolis, Maryland. 

His administrative duties encompassed Treasurer of the Allegheny Conference; President of the 
Allegheny East Conference; Executive Secretary of the Columbia Union Conference. 

While pastoring in Washington, D.C., he was able to continue his education at Howard University and the 
S.D.A. Theological Seminary. Recently, he was awarded an honorary LLD Degree. 

Sarah Merideth Lester 

Sarah Merideth Lester is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Thomas Merideth of Atlanta, Ga. She 
obtained her elementary and secondary education in the public schools of Atlanta before coming to Oakwood 
in 1938. 

She graduated from Oakwood Jr. College in 1 940 and in that same year accepted a teaching position in 
Charlotte, North Carolina. Mrs. Lester taught for a number of years before completing her undergraduate 
work at Columbia Union College, and before beginning graduate study at the University of Cincinnati. 

She has spent a total of twenty (203 years in the Adventist educational system serving as teacher, vice 
principal and principal. 

Sarah is married to Elder Jethro H. Lester, a 1938 Oakwood graduate. They have one daughter, Lillian 
Lester Redcross. 

Mrs. Lester presently works in the Columbus Public School System, the Department of Adult Education. 
She taught in the system five years and then moved into administration where she is coordinator of vocational 
programs for adults with special needs. 


Certificates of Merit (continued) 

Elder S. H. Cox 

Elder S. H. Cox was born in August, 1 934. He is a graduate of Oakwood College tn the class of 1 960. He 
received his M.A. degree from Andrews University in 1961, and the D.D. degree from the college of Divine 
Metaphysics in 1962. 

Elder Cox began his ministry as a pastor in the South Central Conference. His years of service in this field 
were outstanding for successful soul winning activity. 

Elder Cox served in the M.V. Education, Temperance and Communication Departments of the Central 
States Conference. He has rendered effective service in Youth Ministry, Temperance Campaigns, Church 
Improvement Projects and Christian Education. 

Elder Cox is married to Loleta Simpson. They have three children: Sherman, II, Shawn, and Shane. 

Conrad Lloyd Gill 

Conrad L. Gill, the sixth child of Mable F. and the late Robert A. Gill, was born June 1 , 1 938 in Penn Yan, 
New York. He attended public schools from grades K-1 2. In September of 1 956 he enrolled at Atlanta Union 
College in South Lancaster, Massachusetts. In January of 1959 he transferred from Atlanta Union to 
Oakwood College. 

Elder Gill received his B.A. degree in Theology from Oakwood College in May of 1 960. In February of 1 962 
he was drafted into the U.S. Army, and in April of the same year he was united in marriage to Mildred Willis of 
Buffalo, New York. While in the army he served most of his duty in England as a Security Intelligence Operator 
for the Army Security Agency. His wife (Mildred) journeyed to England with him; and while they were there both 
Keith (now 14) and Pamela (now 13) were born. 

Elder Gill attended Georgia State University taking courses in Urban Life Studies. He received his MA in 
Education from Atlanta University in May of 1972, and continuing at Atlanta University took course work 
toward an Educational Specialists degree. 

Elder Conrad Gill has rendered outstanding service in the M.V. and Education Departments of the South 
Atlantic Conference. He was employed as a full time Bible techer for Andrews University Academy in Berrien 
Springs, Michigan. Elder Gill is now serving as an associate pastor of the Pioneer Memorial Church at Andrews 
University. His specific responsibility is Campus Ministry. 

Angela Stewart Wilson 

Mrs. Angela Stewart Wilson was born in Baltimore, Maryland. She was a student at the Oakwood College 
Academy and attended Oakwood College for one year. 

Mrs. Wilson pursued her graduate studies at Andrews University, Berrien Springs, Michigan, and at the 
University of Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, with major emphasis in Elementary Education. 

Her teaching career and experience include a number of years as principal of the Anna Knight Elementary 
School, and her present position as a teacher in the Demonstration School of the Education Department of 
the Undergraduate Division of Loma Linda University, Riverside Campus. 

Mrs. Wilson has dedicated time, talent, and effort to the promotion of the program of the Oakwood 
College Alumni Association for a number of years. This organization has been benefited by her enthusiasm, her 
pleasing personality and her ability to work with others. In 1 972, she was elected to the presidency of the 
national organization. Mrs. Wilson fulfilled this responsibility with her usual devotion and determination. 


Certificates of Merit (continued) 

J. Mark Cox, M.D. 

Dr. Mark Cox, was born in Washington, D.C. His education and training were achieved at Oakwood Jr. 
College, Pacific Union College - B.A., Loma Linda University Medical School - M.D., Freedman's Hospital - 
Internship, Howard University Hospital, John Hopkins University - Surgical Program. 

Dr. Cox has served as a teacher at Meharry Medical College and Howard University Medical College. His 
administrtive service record includes: Medical Director, Riverside Hospital, Nashville and Phillips Hospital, 
Orlando. Chief Surgeon, Air Force Hospital, Germany and V.A. Hospital, Tuskegee. 

Dr. Cox has been affiliated with a number of hospitals in the State of Florida, and has served on various 
Boards, including the Board of Trustees of Oakwood College. 

Dr. Cox is a Diplomat of National Board of Medical Examiners and of the American Board of Surgery. He is 
a Fellow of American College of Surgeons and a Fellow of International College of Surgeons. 

He is preently the National President of the Black Adventist Medical-Dental Association. 

Dr. Cox is married to the former Elaine Butler. They have three children. 

Clarence T. Richards 

Clarence T. Richards is a native of New York City. He was attracted to and became a member of the 
Seventh-day Adventist Church as a young man. This event altered the purposes and ambitions of his life. 

He attended Oakwood Jr. College and graduated with the class of 1 938. Elder Richards matriculated at 
Emmanuel Missionary College (now Andrews University) in 1 938, and obtained his undergraduate degree in 
1 940. He was called to the Illinois Conference of S.D.A. to serve as an intern under the supervision of Elder T. 
H. Allison. 

From 1940-1947, Elder Richards served as a pastor in the Illinois, Lake Region and Allegheny 
Conferences. In 1 947 he accepted a call to teach at Oakwood College. After serving as a teacher for several 
years, Elder Richards attended the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary. By 1 962 he completed the 
requirements for the Masters and Bachelor of Divinity degrees. 

Elder Richards is married to the former Miss Genevieve A. Laurence. They have three children; Clarence, 
Jr., Philip and Carmen, and one granddaughter. Elder Richards has served for a number of years as Chairman of 
the Department of Religion. 

A. R. Carethers 

Elder A. R. Carethers was bron in Rockdale, Texas. He began his elementary education in his home town 
and completed his college work at Oakwood College with the class of 1938. 

Elder Carethers has served as a successful pastor in a number of cities in the Southwest Region. Some of 
his pastorates include churches in Ft. Worth, Houston, Galvaston, San Antonio, Little Rock, Hot Springs and 
Ardmore. He is now the pastor of the Smyrna Church in Houston, Texas. 

Elder Carethers has rendered outstanding services as an administrator. He has held the following 
positions: secretary-treasurer, book center manager, lay activities director. He has served on the Executive 
Committee of the Southwest Region Conference from 1946 to 1975.